Our Amazing Team

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We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience in Pilates, yoga, personal training, breathwork, and more.

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Leslie Steensrud

Owner/founder, fearless leader & Balanced Body Master Trainer

My mission in life is to help people understand their bodies in respect to alignment and posture.

I love the fact that there is a certain way that our spine should line up and my job is to get people to understand that. I have been in health and Wellness for over 25 years. My latest accomplishment is becoming a Master trainer for Balanced Body. I hope to create more Pilates trainers here in Montana.

Pilates CMP, Master Trainer, Balanced Body Barre, Booty Barre.

Dani Rubino

Pilates/Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Guide

My passion for intelligent movement drives me daily; I love to help bodies find their best movement.

I remember the day I discovered yoga. It was shortly after the birth of my twins, and in an attempt to regain a sense of normalcy, of my life, my body, my sanity, the idea of getting on a treadmill in my exhausted state wasn’t going to cut it. I put in a yoga DVD and I was hooked. That was the beginning of my journey into mind body fitness.

I have been practicing and teaching yoga and Pilates for 20 plus years now. I am trained in many modalities of fitness and love to help people in every stage of life. I’ve had the opportunity to teach all over the United States in a variety of settings, wherever there is a need, including a home studio, local gyms, rehabilitation facilities, and university settings. Pilates and yoga have proven to be so beneficial to me and my clients.

Pilates Comprehensive, Yoga, Balanced Body Barre, Booty Barre.

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Des Buss

BASI Pilates CPT, Personal Trainer

I’m Desiree, or Des for short. I have been working in the health and fitness industry for the last 3.5 years while living overseas in New Zealand. I first gained my personal training certification, then became a group fitness circuit coach, and most recently in the last year completed my BASI comprehensive Pilates instructing certification.

While growing up I went through a range of injuries and remember how empowering Pilates had suddenly made me feel. I was 24 years old moving through a mat flow class when suddenly the lightbulb switched on, if I could feel this strong and this able from a single woman teaching the class – I knew right away that I wanted to help bring the same feeling to others and to help share the incredible practice that Pilates is.

I just recently wrapped up seven incredible years of living and learning in New Zealand and look forward to now continuing to grow here in Montana. I am continually inspired by human movement and all that our bodies can do for us. If I’m not in the studio you’ll find me out hiking, fishing, traveling, or doing anything I can find in the great outdoors!

Sammy Phillips

Pilates Instructor

My name is Samantha Phillips, better known as Sammy. I have been a certified health coach for 10 years and am truly honored to do what I do. During this time, my commitment to health and well-being grew drastically, as I experimented with new avenues and finally stumbled upon the perfect match. My abrupt passion for Pilates took me by surprise, but I followed this undeniable desire and never once looked back.

I have been a Pilates instructor for seven years and am PSC certified and internationally NCPT certified. To expand my capabilities in Pilates instruction, I am currently working on my clinical certification. Though I appreciate many aspects of Pilates, I especially appreciate that everyone can benefit from it, regardless of their circumstances. 

My absolute favorite part is witnessing, in real time, the mental and physical healing that takes place. It’s truly heart-warming to watch people’s confidence, self-esteem, and happiness grow because of their involvement in my Pilates classes. I work with all individuals, but I especially love to specialize in women’s health from pregnancy to postpartum, including any pelvic floor struggles. In my free time, I enjoy embarking on spontaneous explorations with my enthusiastic five year old and adventurous husband.

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Maya Babish

Apprentice Pilates Instructor

As Joe Pilates said, “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Fitness has always been a big and enjoyable part of my life, particularly because my work for more than 30 years involved sitting at a desk. Over 20 years ago, I injured my back while kick boxing. Nothing I did seemed to alleviate the pain, and I was frustrated with my inability to do all I wanted to do. Then, about four years ago, I discovered Pilates – and it changed my life forever.

I feel rejuvenated and live a life pain free. And, I’ve never been stronger, leaner, or more balanced. I look forward to helping others achieve what they wish through movement and strengthening.

Contact Maya directly at 425-218-3112 to schedule your sessions today!

Jen Ambrose

Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Marketing Manager

I discovered yoga as a college student, and always relished the weekly break from studying. Wanting to learn more, I eventually enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Boston in 2016.

Pre-pandemic, I had been traveling and teaching yoga in Southeast Asia, and completed an intensive 300-hour advanced teacher training in Rishikesh, India, in early 2020. Since then, I’ve had incredible opportunities to teach across Montana and to continue the lifelong journey of learning and practice. I draw from both yoga and personal training with the goal of helping my students understand their bodies and develop practices that are meaningful, sustainable, and promote longevity.

Yoga (RYT-500), NASM CPT.

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