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2021 Balanced Body Pilates Certifications

Mat Pilates – 1

Oct. 23, 24


Virtual or In-person

Great Falls, MT

Mat 1 forms the foundation of the Pilates method. This course includes an introduction to the history and principles of the Pilates method and the beginning and intermediate level exercises

Mat Pilates – 2

November 6, 7


Virtual or In-person

Great Falls, MT

Mat 2 teaches the remaining intermediate and advanced level Mat exercises for a complete understanding of the Pilates Mat program.

Mat Pilates – 3

Dec. 4, 5


Virtual or In-person

Great Falls, MT

Enhanced Pilates Mat completes the mat training by adding rings, rollers, bands and balls to the traditional Mat exercises. In addition, Enhanced Mat includes functional exercises for the upper and lower body expanding the Mat work beyond the core to develop whole body strength and flexibility.

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My Pilates Journey

Making movement into medicine since 2006.

Welcome! I started mission business because Great Falls did not have an independent Pilates studio. When I finished my Comprehensive training, I jumped in. I have trained many different clients thru the years, and each body I train teaches me so much more about how the human body works. It is such rewarding and educating work.

I went on to receive my Master training to be able to train teachers. Pilates is such good work for the body and I knew I wanted to create more teachers in the field. Movement is Medicine is such a true statement and I hope to continue this movement of Pilates for many more years to come. 

Leslie Steensrud, Owner of Precision Pilates & Yoga

Precision Pilates is a Member of the Team-Pilates mentoring network.

A Life-changing Opportunity

When I first started working with Leslie three years ago, I didn’t even know how to properly use my muscles, my back went out every month, and my posture was poor. Now I have a strong core, improved posture, better self-awareness, and have started doing advanced exercises. The way that Leslie works with people is phenomenal, she respects the limits of your body while pushing you to do your best; all while maintaining a friendly, light attitude.  

— Madison Clark

Leslie’s Pilates training is absolutely top quality. Whether you are in a personal or group training, you will benefit from her extensive experience and inspirational instruction. I was privileged enough to do over seven Pilates instructor training workshops with Leslie. Her instructor trainings were organized, professional and yet she somehow was able to provide a lot of one-on-one feedback in a such a way that makes one want to stretch and exceed a little more. Over the years, I’ve experienced many different Pilates instructors and trainers. Leslie is by far my favorite.

— Madeline Chalenor

I have worked with Leslie as a colleague, as my personal trainer after having my 3rd baby and have taken 4 courses through her.  She is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Her teaching style pushes you to become the best instructor/trainer you can be and she shows you multiple ways to teach an exercise, providing many helpful cues that clients understand.  She also teaches you how to give your clients that little bit extra that will keep them coming back year after year.

— Shanda Leritz

Leslie Steensrud

Balanced Body Pilates Master Trainer

Team Pilates Educator


+1 406 868 1039

1601 2nd Ave N

Great Falls, MT 59405

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