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Take the next step in your practice.

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Chair Yoga – Supportive Practice for All: 4-Week Workshop Series

Saturdays, 2:00-4:00PM | Starts June 3

A safe, inclusive class that utilizes support (as needed) to meet the client where they are, with our newest teacher, Jenn Moore Mehmke.

The way in which western yoga is represented, as an ableist, physical workout that uses a hierarchy of asanas (poses), misses the mark for many. The purpose of classical yoga is to quiet the fluctuations of the mind in order to reduce suffering and connect with our true nature. We live in bodies, all bodies are “yoga” bodies.

Join us for a nurturing exploration of the fundamental principles of all 8 limbs of yoga in this 4-week workshop series. Chairs, bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps will be available, as needed. Come celebrate and explore all your body can do, connect with your breath, and build an embodying wellness practice that supports you.

  • Jun. 3
  • Jun. 10
  • Jun. 17
  • Jun. 24

Choose your pricing: Supported Access – $149 | Fair Access – $184 | Rebalancing Access – $222

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