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Move well… feel better.

Group Classes

Mat & More

Mat and More is a Pilates mat class that incorporates props like balls, rings, and bands. Start to understand the deep work of the Pilates Method while you get a fun full-body workout – complete with the emphasis on core strength that Pilates is known for!

Pilates MOTR

A foam roller with attached resistance cables, the Pilates MOTR (“More Than a Roller”) strengthens the whole body, with an emphasis on improving balance. You’ll move through upper-body, lower-body, and core work, done standing, seated, and lying down. Commit to MOTR classes, and watch your balance improve!

Pilates Reformer

The original piece of Pilates equipment, the reformer is a sliding platform connected to springs and cables for resistance. With a focus on core and upper-body strength, flexibility, and stability, Reformer classes flow through bodyweight exercises and yoga-like movements – but the resistance takes them to a whole new level!

Pilates Springboard

With springs that attach to the wall, the springboard provides full-body resistance training and offers all kinds of movement experiences. Each arm and leg works separately, helping to correct imbalances and improve coordination – and you can expect some core work, too!

Mixed-Equipment Pilates

Want to work with multiple types of equipment, but can’t make it to a bunch of different classes? Mixed-equipment Pilates is the answer. This class combines five different styles of Pilates – mat, reformer, trap table, chair, and springboard – for a full-body workout you won’t find anywhere else!

Hatha Flow Yoga

With a focus on mindfulness and breath, hatha flow yoga is a slower-paced class that emphasizes both strengthening and stretching. Expect to explore your edge, yet still experience relaxation and renewal. You’ll walk away feeling stronger, looser, and completely refreshed!

Private Training

Private Sessions

Private yoga and Pilates sessions are customized to YOU. Your sessions will be designed around your unique body and your specific goals, plus you’ll receive hands-on assistance and personal feedback throughout each session.

Come in for a few private sessions as an introduction before you join our group classes – or let 1:1 instruction help you go even further in your practice.

We can also create private workshops whenever you want to dive deep into a certain topic (Shoulder pain? Balance? Using the reformer? You name it!).

Group Privates

Bring a couple friends, and make it a semi-private or group private instead! These options still provide customized sessions and individual attention, plus you know you’ll always have a great time together.

Or get your group together for a private workshop – on whatever topic you’re all interested in!


Breathwork is an active exercise designed to create a massive shift in your life. To transform what you see on the outside, you need to clear out what you FEEL on the inside. Breathing into the sympathetic nervous system helps release stored and unresolved traumas, pain, negative feelings, and insecurities, and anxiety. Through breathwork, you’ll receive the gift of more love, more compassion, more forgiveness, and more peace, creating a more fulfilling life.

Breathwork sessions with Dani Rubino are available for individuals or couples.

Getting Started

Posture Assessment

This experience will change the way you look at movement and understand your body. A posture assessment will determine whether you have any postural deviations, muscle imbalances, or sub-optimal movement patterns that could be causing pain or discomfort. And you’ll learn how to start addressing them!

FREE Studio Consultation

Come in for a FREE 30-minute consult and talk with one of our teachers about your experience, concerns, and goals. Learn how we can help and which of our services would be best for you. You’ll also be able to tour the studio, get acquainted with the equipment, and understand what to expect from your first class or private session. 

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