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Three Yoga & Pilates instructors sitting in front of the Precision Pilates & Yoga sign on the second floor of the Columbus Center: Dani Rubino, Audra Labert, Leslie Steensrud.

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Posture Assessment

This experience will change the way you look at movement and your body. A postural analysis can determine whether a person has any postural deviations, imbalances, muscle weaknesses, or any other faults in their movement patterns which could be causing pain or discomfort.

Yoga & Pilates- Mat Classes (MAT)

The crowd pleasers! Our team has decades of experience on the mat, and these classes are a combination of movement and breath to help you maximize your mind-body benefit. Classes range in modality and level, but our team is ready to help you adapt and be successful in any class.

Enhanced Pilates (EHP) – Springboard & MOTR

Strength. Stability. Balance. Awareness. These classes utilize equipment in a small class setting to enhance a format adding resistance and more movement options. The keys to a healthy lifestyle are gained through Movement!

Pilates Reformer (RFM)

Semi-private training that focuses on utilizing the entire body to improve strength, flexibility and even posture.
Reformer classes introduce a whole other element, utilizing the machine to add resistance and leverage to certain exercises. You get the specialized attention of personal training with the fun and economy of a small group.

Breathwork w/Dani Rubino

Breathwork is an active exercise designed to create a massive shift in your life. To transform what you see on the outside, you need to clear out what you FEEL on the inside. 

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“I rolled in with a lifetime of tight muscles, injuries and bad posture. Finally addressing these issues has been eye-opening! The mind-body connection is real, and I’m feeling better, stronger and more connected than ever!”

Marty B.

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